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    SDU Rules & Regulation


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    SDU Rules & Regulation

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    Rules & Regulations
    1. No 3rd party programs / hacking.
    2. No Arrest Stealing / Killing Arrest.
    3. No Team Taze / Nade / Spray on purpose
    4. .45SMG has been disabled.
    5. Heavy Armor has been disabled.
    6. Pepperball Gun has been disabled.
    7. No Spawn Kill / Exit Camp (VIP Server).
    8. Do not disconnect from game when being arrested.
    9. Respect others at all times.
    10. Do not use SDU's name tag unless you are a member of us.
    11. Avoid using registered SDU members' names or impersonate them, to check the list of Members and Admins,go here.
    12. If u were SDU member and also from other clan, pls dont use any other clan tag while u playing in SDU server. Use your SDU tag or else action will be taken. U are free to use other clan tag when u are not in SDU server.
    13. Avoid posting download links on forum, e.g torrent, do it on PM if you insist.

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