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    Tips : how to handle hackers when admins not around


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    Tips : how to handle hackers when admins not around

    Post  Moo on Sun May 31, 2009 9:33 pm

    topic sounds interesting huh btw, this tips only for non admin.

    do u guys know hacker can be beat up easily if u are smart?

    i have some tips that i want to share with u guys. however, this tips only works on those hacker who did team arrest or has no effect on nades or tazer, plus, u need to be in different team with them. this tips wont work if u were in same team with the hacker pale (u need to change team then).

    what u need to do is:

    1. u can kill them. hacker is vulnerable to bullet like everyone else.
    2. u can arrest them too. but u need to be smart. like regular players, hacker can only taze or spray their victim from the front. so, if u want to arrest them, u need to sneak behind them and arrest them like usual. believe me, they will get pissed if u arrest them, coz they will think their hack has no use.... hehe)

    thats all i know. maybe some of u has already know these tips. i just want to share it with those player who dunno about it. if u guys have tips on how to beat a hacker, pls share with us.

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    Re: Tips : how to handle hackers when admins not around

    Post  momo(sdu) on Mon Jun 01, 2009 1:56 pm

    Hi all,

    I Agree Moo ,,,,hacker Is Possiable Arrest

    I also Share My Experience For Normal Player And In Clan Member .

    If Hacker He Use Helmet ....Flash & Stinge For Them Will No Effct ....You Must Be Use Gas . I Try Few Times Meet Of Hacker without Mask .....They Scare Gas.

    If Hacker he Use Mask.......Flash & Gas for Them Will No Effect ....You Must Be Use Stinge ........

    Some Hacker No Effect On Tazer , cause They Can Taze You Back If U Taze Him ....U can Use Lesslethal ....I Try Few Times For Them Is Work.

    Now new hack Program Is More Powerful Than Before . Some Hack Program Is undetective by any anti-hack program . Something Hack Program Is Possiable Switch on / Off . I am Not Encourage Our Team Or Another Player To use It .... But I Believed They have Point of Weak Let Us Pay Back Them If No Admin In Games.

    If Any Good Suggestion Pls Feel Free Pose Here For Member Discussion.



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    Re: Tips : how to handle hackers when admins not around

    Post  conan on Thu Jun 04, 2009 4:23 pm

    hahaha.... but normally if i met the hackers,i will call moo, or momo to handle it! because they r my family....and they r free.... alway in server.. wakakakaka
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    SDU Member

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    Post  bhanu143 on Wed Jul 01, 2009 6:44 am

    like wise i was playing today in SDU and 1 hacker was there..he was in different team (swat) and he was contineously hack the team player and z was also playing that and he banned him...

    so i want to say if there is no admin so what we do..............?

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    Re: Tips : how to handle hackers when admins not around

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