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    Useful tools


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    Useful tools

    Post  momo(sdu) on Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:07 am

    HI all,

    This Tools Is Quit Useful , I am Not Sure Have AnyOne Use It Before , Hope It Can Help .

    When U Start Your Swat4 , Specially Swat4 Tss Version, Program Running intro And Video And main Menu To search server , It Use Quit Long Time To Progress. Now Have One Method To Make It Fast .

    1. goto your swat4 desktop icon
    2. right click , choose Propriety
    3. in target : "C:\Documents and Settings\J\My Documents\game\sierra(SS)\swat2\ContentExpansion\System\Swat4X.exe"
    4. change to : "C:\Documents and Settings\J\My Documents\game\sierra(SS)\swat2\ContentExpansion\System\Swat4X.exe" name ?Password=admin pass
    4.1 remember swat4x.exe and server ip between must need space .
    4.2 if u not admin , just delete ?password=
    5. save and run swat4
    6. it will auto goto to server and auto login admin in game for u .
    7. if u want goto other server , just disconnect. its will back to main menu .

    this is best way to over intro and video runing time , i am not sure is it best ...lol, hope it helpful everyone .

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