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    TSS Server Information


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    TSS Server Information

    Post  momo(sdu) on Sat Sep 10, 2011 2:00 pm

    Attn: TSS Server Is OPen Now !

    Server IP:

    Server Name : >uY1< And (SDU)

    uY1 Clan History :
    Long Time Ago , Sdu Server Close In Temp date . I Join In TSS uY1 Clan , They All From Different Country, Clan Master name : upyours from usa . But dont know why , he did not run server again, just have forum left . the clan pass to name superbomber , he is from england . uY1 clan all member nice and professional .

    Now Server Is Running By Me , I Would Like Combin sdu and uY1 In same Server . All have Admin And Superadmin, So , If You Play In Our TSS Server , Please Respect Each Other Member . Dont Cheat Or Hack In TSS . before change any Map , pls vote by each other . server is mainly running BS mode , But I Dont Mind Play Other Game Mode . Just Before Change , Vote Each Other , My Wish Is , Fun And Enjoy In Game , I dont Want Any Agry By Each Other.

    If You Didt Have TSS , Pls Download It Form easymule. Pls Read Of This Tropic In Forum.


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